Web publishers like you are missing an enormous opportunity.

While your audience comes for your content, most probably leave when it comes time to engage in the social and truly sticky aspects of the internet. This means lost revenue, lower audience engagement and less frequent repeat visits for you.

For the typical web user, the situation is no better. While everyone likes to express their opinions, comments sections are too chaotic, noisy and impersonal for the overwhelming majority of people to bear.

Think about this: you walk into a party. You don’t know anyone. Time to butt in to the nearest conversation? Likely not. But wouldn’t it be nice if someone said “hi,” maybe asked you a question and introduced you around?

At a party, that’s what a good host does and on your site, that’s what the Qwidget can do.

Let’s take a look at how it works:

The Questions

When adding new content to your blog or site, open the Qwidget interface and search for a question based on keyword. If you find an appropriate question, simply click it to add it to your post. If you don’t find something suitable, write your own. This question will give your more casual users a quick and easy way to take that first and most important step toward deeper engagement.

The Answers

When a visitor to your site sees your Qwidget question and clicks yes, no or maybe to signal their opinion, it expands to show them the statistics of how others have answered. There is also a text box that asks them: “Why?” This is key. While comment sections are chaotic with no clear entry point for casual users, the Qwidget gives your readers something to say by asking their opinion about an issue that your blog post or article covers. Step two toward deeper engagement does not require any thinking beyond: “Why do I feel this way?” Limiting each user to one answer and each answer to 200 characters, the Qwidget insures that no one person or subset of your audience dominates the conversation.

The Conversations

As they check out other people’s answers, your visitors can instantly start one-on-one conversations with each other or rate opinions with a thumbs up or thumbs down all without leaving your site. Any messages that they receive are also accessed directly in the Qwidget. In other words, the Qwidget never pulls visitors away off your site to access any of its features.

The Promotion

Different publishers are able and encouraged to ask the same question. So your readers’ answers appear on every other site with that Qwidget question. Here’s the kicker: not only does this feature allow for fascinating web wide dialogues that were previously impossible, but each of your visitor’s answers carries a link back to your site. So the more activity you generate on your Qwidget, the more promotion you get. And as more publishers use the Qwidget, links to your site will appear in front of a bigger and bigger audience.

The Qwidget is easy to install and addictive to use. It will attract new users to your site and increase the engagement of your current visitors. What are you waiting for? Get the Qwidget for your site here!


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